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Concrete Reclaimers, Incorporated - Proudly Manufactured in the USA!
Made in the USA!
Concrete Reclaimers, Incorporated - Proudly Manufactured in the USA!
Made in the USA!

Unsurpassed Quality & Easy Maintenance
make our Units the Superior Choice!
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concrete reclaimer unit status lights and video camera   Status lights indicate unit status for your truck drivers, while a video camera permits manager supervision!

The Red Light indicates that the Concrete Reclaiming Unit is running an automatic cycle to keep all components operating at peek efficiency.

The Green Light indicates that the Truck Operator can transfer his waste concrete into the Reclaiming Hopper after the Start Button is depressed.

Then, to ensure the safe and proper operation of the Unit, a video camera oversees all aspects of use.
concrete reclaimer unit control enclosure   All controls are easily accessible, and housed in a 316 stainless steel enclosure!

A weather-tight disconnect enables safe and easy service of the concrete reclaimer unit.

The concrete reclaimer unit is then controlled with a series of relays and timers that engage all pump motors and the conveyor in sequential order to prevent startup power surges.

In addition, timers permit adjustment of the process and automatic cycle that runs intermittently between reclaiming operations.
concrete reclaimer unit reclaiming hopper   A massive reclaiming hopper accepts waste concrete to begin the recycling process!

This hopper is built from heavy galvanized steel plating structural beams and angle iron to withstand the constant wear and tear of an active concrete processing plant.

With a process capacity of one cubic yard of concrete a minute, this reclaiming hopper can take on all waste concrete in just minutes.

Powerful water jets dilute the mixture into a transferable slurry for easy recycling.
concrete reclaimer unit pumps   All materials are moved easily by very powerful pumps and motors that are fully accessible for quick service and maintenance!

The slurry pump moves the diluted concrete mixture from the concrete reclaiming hopper to the aggregate classifier.

The transfer pump then moves process water from the sand extraction conveyor's process water tank to the settling tanks.

The blast pump transfers clarified water from the settling tanks to dilute the waste concrete, feed the overhead water hose and clean the sand extraction conveyor.
concrete reclaimer unit gravel reclaimer unit   A heavy-duty classifier efficiently separates all large aggregate

As concrete slurry is pumped to the top of this classifier, fine aggregates fall through the heavy duty stainless steel grill for sand extraction conveyer processing, while large aggregate rolls off to accumulate for reuse below.

This extremely unique design prevents jamming of the sand extraction screw conveyor, unlike competitive units which often jam while attempting to screw convey unclassified slurry.
concrete reclaimer unit process water transfer tank   This process water transfer tank receives fine aggregates and process water!

As the aggregate classifier removes large gravel, the mixture of remaining fine aggregates settle at the bottom of this heavy-duty galvanized plate steel transfer tank for removal by the sand extraction conveyor.

Process water containing concrete particles then rises to the top and flows to the transfer pump below.

The transfer pump then moves process water to a settling tank for final processing.
concrete reclaimer unit sand reclaiming conveyor   This high capacity sand extraction conveyor then reclaims all fine aggregates!

A heavy-duty motor and torque converter drive this 12 inch diameter extraction screw conveyor.

The conveyor turns very slowly, to draw fine aggregates from the sediment holding tank.

Clarified water is then pumped from the Settling Tanks to the top of the screw conveyor to create a clear path for water extraction.

Clean and dry fine aggregates are then separately piled for immediate reuse.
concrete reclaimer unit transfer pump valves   Inline valves permit easy transfer of process water from one settling tank to the other!

These valves direct process water from the transfer pump to one of two settling tanks, where process water sediments will be reclaimed and clarified water will be stored for recycling through the concrete reclaimer unit.

Additional valves on the settling tanks then allow easy transfer of clarified water to flow from either settling tank to the concrete reclaimer unit's blast pump for reuse by the Unit.
concrete reclaimer unit settling tanks   High capacity settling tanks then collect all remaining process water sediments for recycling!

Full Sized Rear Doors are secured with chain drawn turnbuckle latches to create a watertight seal.

After extended use, and transfer of process water to the alternate settling tank, the cake-like accumulation of concrete sediments can be easy removed by a small front-end loader.

This material can then be recycled and used with crushed concrete, thus recovering every last element of your waste concrete!
 As you can easily see, every feature is carefully engineered.
So contact us now and get a Unit built to your specific order!
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