Concrete Reclaimers, Incorporated - The World's First Self-Contained Concrete Recycling Solution is Here Now!  
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Concrete Reclaimers, Incorporated - Proudly Manufactured in the USA!
Made in the USA!
Concrete Reclaimers, Incorporated - Proudly Manufactured in the USA!
Made in the USA!

Unsurpassed Quality & Easy Maintenance
make our Units the Superior Choice!

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Every Feature Field Tested in the Harshest Environment...
Our Concrete Reclaimer Units are carefully engineered to last a lifetime in the harsh environment of concrete plants.

To ensure reliability, our Units have been thoroughly field tested to operate easily and effectively every time they are used, with minimal downtime and maintenance!
Simplistic Status Indicators & Monitor Due to it's efficient design, from the moment our Unit arrives, it can be fully assembled and ready to operate in just hours!.

Consider your options carefully, based on the overwhelming quality of our product, and enjoy knowing you've made the right decision with a Concrete Reclaimer Unit!
  Simplistic Status  

Indicators & Monitor
Go, No-Go Lights and a Video Camera
Permit Easy Operation & Supervision!

Durable Stainless Steel Enclosure High Capacity Reclaiming Hopper Extremely Powerful Reclaimer Pumps Gravity Principal Aggregate Classifier
Durable Stainless High Capacity Extremely Powerful Gravity Principal

Steel Enclosure
To Securely House All Motor,
Conveyor & Process Controls!

Reclaiming Hopper
To Receive Waste Concrete
& Produce Reclaimable Slurry!

Reclaimer Pumps
To Perform All Reclaiming
Operations With Flawless Ease!

Aggregate Classifier
To Quickly Reclaim Large
Aggregates in a Separate Pile!

Extremely Effective Water Transfer Tank Highly Efficient Sand Extraction Conveyor Easily Accessible Transfer Valves High Volume Settling Tanks
Extremely Effective Highly Efficient Sand Easily Accessible High Volume

Water Transfer Tank
To Separate Fine Aggregates
From Residual Process Water!

Extraction Conveyor
To De-Water & Reclaim All
Fine Aggregates & Sand!

Transfer Valves
To Permit Swift Selection
of Alternate Settling Tanks!

Settling Tanks
To Collect Concrete Sediments
& Clarify Process Water for Reuse!

 As you can easily see, every feature is carefully engineered.
So contact us now and get a Unit built to your specific order!
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Concrete Reclaimers, Incorporated
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Phone: (409) 938-8800 Fax: (409) 938-8802
Business Hours: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. CST, Monday-Friday
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